Church Leadership

The spiritual ministries of our church are guided by a team of men who work closely with the pastoral staff. The following coordinators work to develop the program of the church under what we feel are the five purposes of the church.

  • Discipleship Coordinator – Responsible to seek to raise the level of spiritual commitment and biblical understanding of those included in the ministry of the church, especially through small groups.
  • Fellowship Coordinator – Responsible to seek to encourage social and spiritual fellowship among church members on an individual and church wide basis.
  • Ministry Coordinator – (Bryan Christman) Responsible to seek to develop and implement the “Eph 4:12 Challenge”, guiding our church to equip, serve and edify one another.
  • Missions Coordinator – (Rob Collins) Responsible to seek to develop and implement the “Acts 1:8 Challenge” guiding our church to participate in evangelism and missions locally, regionally, across New York State and globally.
  • Worship Coordinator – (Michael Ernest) Responsible to seek to lead the congregation to worship God in a way that honors God and blesses the church. Worship includes corporate prayer and praise, corporate fellowship, corporate giving, corporate challenge and corporate evangelism.


The temporal ministries of our church are governed by our deacons, who work closely with the pastors to insure that the buildings and grounds are well cared for and the church’s finances are handled decently and in order.

  • Bob Conant (Chairman)
  • Rocco Colangione
  • Rob Collins
  • Ron Kuiken
  • Bob Picarillo